Payload Opportunity

Opportunity to Carry Scientific Payload to the Lunar Surface

Since Apollo-17 in December 1972, there has been no other opportunity to carry payloads to the lunar surface.

TeamIndus GLXP Mission is a unique opportunity to explore, experiment and demonstrate technology designed for space & deep space.

This payload opportunity will help to part finance this privately funded Mission to the Moon.


Team Indus

TeamIndus is a Bangalore, India based Aerospace startup that is amongst the Top-3 teams in the Google Lunar XPrize competition.

As part of its bid to win the Google Lunar XPrize, TeamIndus is building a Lunar soft landing spacecraft and a lunar rover.


TeamIndus has contracted Antrix-ISRO to provide a dedicated PSLV-XL launch vehicle, with a target launch opportunity between July and September 2017.

Antrix-ISRO has a proven track record of successfully launching 71 satellites and spacecrafts into a variety of orbits.

The expected flight duration is 12 to 18 earth days depending on the final launch date.


TeamIndus is working towards completing the engineering model prototype of the spacecraft by November 2016.

We expect to complete the integration of the flight model spacecraft by April 2017, ready for shipment to Antrix-ISRO for flight acceptance testing from May to June 2017.

With an anticipated hold of 30 days on the launch pad, the spacecraft is expected to launch for the Moon between 19th July and 25th September 2017.

The spacecraft is solar powered and is therefore expected to survive for 1 lunar day / 14 earth days after landing on the Moon.

The planned landing site is Mare Imbrium 39.25N 29.24W selenographic co-ordinates – click here.

eamIndus is carrying its own lunar rover to explore the lunar surface.



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